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Twerk Fitness Courses


Never tried Twerk Fitness before? Don't know where to start? We've got you! This Course covers essential warm ups, cool downs and stretching to prep the body for the movements you will be learning in these classes. We will cover all the beginner twerk techniques including basic pops, drops, shimmy's and shakes. At the end of this course you will have access to a calorie burning twerk workout where we can put all of those fun moves we learned to work.


Ready to take your twerk fitness journey to the next level? Come join us! Includes a level appropriate warm up, cool down and stretching routine as well as a calorie burning twerk workout. In this course we begin a deep dive into more complex variations of the core fundamentals  we learned in the beginner course. So get ready for wall twerking, free styling how to's and musicology made simple for anyone to understand. If you can hear the beat, you can feel it and learn to utilize your body movements to accent your favorite songs.



Ready for more? In this course we take things to a whole new level with eye catching and complex variations and combos as well as learning how to create your own combinations and choreographies. Learn to identify the parts in your music that you want to accent and what moves best compliment those sounds. This course Includes a level appropriate warm up, cool down, stretching techniques and a calorie burning twerk workout at the end to put our bodies to work. Just a few of the movements we will cover in this course are cyclones and cyclone variations, complex hip tick variations, wall twerking variations, head stand twerk techniques and so much more. It is highly recommended that you have taken and completed the beginner and intermediate level twerk courses before taking this course as each variation is built off the foundations that we learned in those classes.

Exotic Floorwork


CALLING ALL HEEL LOVERS! This is the class for you! Contrary  to popular belief, floorwork is a total body workout! You would not believe the muscles that have to work to make these movements look graceful. I've created this course for absolute beginners, so you don't have to condition your body prior to starting your journey. We work to build the strength you need within this course. 


Pre Recorded Courses
(Coming Soon!)

Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home!

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