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Covid Policy


We're here for you!

We all very much enjoy the outlet of dance and coming to class to not only get our bodies fit and healthy but to enjoy body movement and self expression. With this being said, we all know that illness happens! If you are feeling sick PLEASE contact me to reschedule your class. It simply isn't worth any risk to anyone getting sick and spreading around any type of illness we may have going on. This is especially important for in studio classes where spotting and closer contact does occur. We do not ask that you covid test before coming to class, require masking or vaccine records so please do us the courtesy of contacting us to reschedule your class even if it just feels like a head cold. When we are sick our bodies aren't capable of performing at normal levels of fitness. By coming to class ill, not only are your hindering your own fitness progression but putting others at risk as well. Covid has shown us that it can appear in many different ways since 2020. If you show up to an in studio session and appear to be sick, you will be sent home to recover before being able to come back to complete your session. You will NOT be charged any additional fees or be required to pay for the rescheduled class a second time. No need to worry, your class will get made up. We are here for you and want to do everything in our power to help prevent the spread of any illness. This being said, we have always thoroughly sanitized and cleaned our in studio equipment and surroundings in between students and will continue to do so to prevent the spread of any illness. Please work with us and do your part to help keep the Pixie Mafia family and dance community a safe and healthy place for us all to enjoy.

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