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My journey with dancing started in early 2007 when I went to my first strip club as a patron. The dancers were INCREDIBLE! Their movements were so smooth and fluid. I had never seen anyone move like that. I immediately fell in love with the style of dance! The epic strength in these women was so inspiring that for weeks all I could do was search for pole videos, tutorials, and day dream about all the things I wished I could do. Once I had my first pole set up in my home I was hooked. I spent every free moment I had practicing and self teaching. Several months later, when I felt more confident with my pole tricks, I built up the courage to go audition at a local club. I was offered my first of many contracts to work inside of these beautiful clubs. A few of the amazing women i worked with were Pole Fitness Instructors and took me under their wing and taught me everything they knew. After several years spent learning and performing, I co taught many classes from beginner pole 1 & 2 to exotic floor work and assisted in spotting for pole levels 3 & 4. The rest is history! I spent over 13 AMAZING years on stages performing all over the United States. I spent several years training with pole fitness instructors and pole fitness competitors all over the Western United States to learn more and perfect my craft. This has Included training with Xpert Pole Fitness Instructor Academy. I began studying Twerking as a form of fitness in 2016 and working to integrate it into my stage performances. I have since trained under Aussie Twerk to perfect the technique and control of this unique dance style.

Despite living with chronic spine and hip issues, I have continued my journey with dance fitness and have grown to LOVE sharing my passion for dancing with the world. I am also an Alternative Model, so finding fun ways to change up my fitness routines and keep them fun is of great importance to me. I have been published in magazines such as Grey Scale, FetErotica and TattooLand just to name a few. I am extremely passionate about teaching and helping people understand that ANYONE can learn to pole dance and twerk. You do NOT have to have a particular body type to pole dance and twerk! This is a common misconception about both of these gorgeous dance styles. As an individual who has learned to dance living with chronic pain, I am well equipped with the knowledge to modify certain movements to help you reach goals you didn't know you could reach. I will have both pre recorded courses and live class options to accommodate each persons unique learning needs and goals! I will also have classes on technique, muscle and strength building as well as how to increase flexibility. Everyone has a different reason for seeking out dance fitness classes and I strive to personally help each and every one of you achieve your individual and unique goals!

Join me and start your dance fitness journey today!

Be stronger, be confident and feel sexy!

Emma Mann

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