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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pole Dancing only for strippers? 

Of course not! While pole dancing may have started in the club scene, over the years it has gained recognition as an incredibly challenging form of fitness. Many individuals have found strength and control through pole dancing. I have always viewed it as an art form that consistently pushes your mind, body and soul to the next level. No body type is too big & you don’t have to be a professional dancer to pole dance! All you need is the desire to have fun and express yourself through this gorgeous form of dance fitness. 

Do you offer in person classes? does not currently offer in person classes, however I do teach intermediate/ advanced level pole classes at FM Aerial and movement arts. If you would like to take one of those classes from me head over to to book your class.

What are the benefits of dance fitness?

There are so many benefits to dance fitness the list is honestly endless! It's amazing for cardiovascular health, builds muscle and strength, and it increases flexibility. For me personally, beyond the physical improvements, it has boosted my confidence and self image, and has made me an overall stronger person.

What if I am too nervous to dance in front of other students?

No worries! All of my classes are currently offered online so you can learn to dance while working towards your body goals in the comfort and privacy of your own home. I will also be offering one on one classes so if you need that little boost of confidence in your classes, I will be there to hype you up through the process.

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