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Twerk Fitness Courses

(Coming Soon!)

Beginner Twerk Fitness

An absolute beginners introduction into the world of twerking

Covers essential warm ups, cool downs, stretching, calorie burning twerk workout and detailed breakdowns of all the pops, drops, shimmy's and shakes you can handle. This course is recommended for absolute beginners who have never ventured into the world of twerk fitness.

Intermediate Twerk Fitness

Covers Intermediate level twerk positions and variations

Ready to take twerk fitness to the next level? this is the course for you. Covers intermediate level stretching, warm ups, twerk body positions and variations that include stacking leg movements with the core fundamentals from the beginner twerk course, booty isolation drills to improve muscle control through your glutes and so much more

Advanced Twerk Fitness

Advanced twerking techniques, combinations and how to freestyle

Covers essential stretching, warm ups, cool downs, advanced combinations of twerk movements learned from the intermediate course, cyclone variations, tick shape variations, advanced booty isolation control techniques, musicology utilization, how to freestyle, create your own choreographies and so much more.

Pole Fitness Courses
(Coming Soon!)

Pole Fitness 1 & 2 

Covers Intro to pole to Intermediate level techniques

Includes basic eductaion of body awareness, proper body alignment, how to safely utilize your pole equipment, warm ups, cool downs and of course all the pole movements within these two levels.

Exotic Floor Work & Flow Fundamentals

Beginner to Intermediate Level

Covers essential stretching to increase flexibility, body alignment, staying safe and avoiding injury, beginner to intermediate level muscle control, body awareness, body undulations and isolations, leg twirls, kicks, utilizing heels through your flow, shoulder rolls and more.

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