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Pole Fitness Courses
(Coming Soon!)

Pole Fitness 1 & 2 

Covers Intro to pole to Intermediate level techniques

Never tried pole fitness but really want to start? This is the course for you! We start from the very beginning teaching proper muscle engagement, body movement and safety. This course includes basic education of body awareness, proper body alignment, how to safely utilize your pole equipment, warm ups, cool downs and of course all the pole movements within these two levels.

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Pole Fitness 3 & 4

(Coming Soon)

Ready to take your pole fitness journey to the next level? This course includes a level appropriate warm up and cool down as well as all of the conditioning exercises you will need to take that big step into Intermediate/ Advanced pole fitness techniques. From advanced genie variations to ayeshas and dragons tail, you will learn to master these more complex movements by building off the techniques learned in the previous lessons. If you are looking to Level up your strength and coordination with pole, this is the course for you! Come sign up and work at your own pace to make your pole dreams come true.

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